Trail Cam Captures No. 2

When we purchased the property, I created a series of trails on our property.  The second thing I did was purchase a couple of trail cameras. We wanted to get some sense of the guests that visit us.

How many white-tailed deer do you see in the last photo?

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Rural Things


County Scenes II

Dedicated to everyone affected by the hatred, intolerance and violence around the world. It really brings it home that many of our perceived problems are insignificant by comparison.

Ordinary to Extraordinary

Beauty surrounds us, we just need to recognize it.

Scenes of Prince Edward County

Country living is a lifestyle choice with options.  If fact, country living is seeing a renaissance with both newcomers and city dwellers seeking change, perhaps one they've dreamed about with big open spaces.  Granted, big city living appeals to many people with choices galore, and a multitude of options and services that smaller communities simply do not have.  However, smaller communities have many things that big cities lack.

I've included some photos showcasing some of the beautiful scenes I've been fortunate to photograph in Prince Edward County.  It's where I lay my head down at night.